HOUR-A-THON Fundraising Information

Get your teams ready for HOUR-A-THON! Teams will work together to raise funds for Club and Team! Proceeds from the event, after expenses, will be split 60/40 with 60% going to the Team and 40% going to replenish the SC Scholarship Fund. 

Prizes will be awarded to the two top fundraisers, and to the top team. 

Let’s Get Started

Letter from the Swan City Board of Directors

Over past few months our families have reached out for support. We have had more requests for
financial sponsorships than ever before. Additionally, with the rising prices of gas and pretty much
everything, our families have made request for fundraising opportunities for travel. We hear you!

We have done some research and have found an exciting opportunity that we hope can assist both our families in need and our teams! To help our families as our seasons have already started, we need to move quickly. The fundraiser is called the Hour‐a‐thon. For one hour on October 11th, we will all join a virtual meeting hosted by the Hour‐a‐thon team. Each player (with parent assistance) will prepare in advance a list of 20 to 25 names and phone numbers. The players will send text messages requesting donations and then follow up with a call, to thank the person for their time and/or support.  Below is a video of how it works, as well as, the letter from the fundraising group to give you more details and information.

Over the next couple of weeks, the board will come up with prize ideas for the top selling teams and other incentives. It’s important that we get participation from all our members. While we do expect all competitive team members to participate, we understand that some members will not have as many contacts. We are just asking for all to try as a team effort. No one will be called out for not raising funds, we will celebrate victories.

The board of directors has decided on the following allocation of funds raised:

A portion of the funds raised go to the fundraising company as a fee for hosting the event. The board of directors has decided on the following allocation of net funds after our fee is paid:

60% will go to the team that raised the funds
– 40% will go to the club for scholarship assistance

Team funds can be used for things like extra travel costs and other items that benefit the team. We will provide more detail on how funds can be used and how to access these funds. Keep in mind we have needed to move quickly and are still working through the details. As a charitable 501(C)3 organization we must be careful with how funds are used.

Each year the board of directors and the club director budget for the year ahead. In that budget, is a line item for scholarships for players in need. This season we have helped more families than we have budgeted for, and we want to be able to help more families. Please reach out for additional information on our need‐based program.



Learn more about Hour-A-Thon, here and access everything you will need for a successful event!


Q: Do we only have an hour to get the donations?
A: No, The texts and calls by the players are only an hour, we leave the fundraising link open to accept donations for 7 days.

Q: What happens with the call 20 lists?
A: For accountability they need to be shown to the coach of their team. They are not collected or entered into any 3rd party system. The contacts are used only by the player on their own phone.

Q: What happens with the donor’s information (name/phone number)?
A: It is only used for the fundraiser. Information is not used or sold.

Q: Are the donations tax deductible?
A: Hour-A-Thon will provide via email a donation receipt to the donor, the donor should discuss with their tax professional on how to apply it.

Q: What if I do not have a phone?
A: Have mom or dad there with you to help with the text and calls.

Q: Can we accept cash and checks?
A: Yes, get that money directly to your coaches. However, it will not be tracked by Hour-A-Thon.

Q: Can we opt to give 100% of what we raise to the scholarship fund?
A: Absolutely.